Fukuoka Dental College

Research Center for
Regenerative Medicine

Brief History

The center was established in October, 2010 as a core facility to promote the Research Project; “Hard tissue reconstruction system harmonizing with the biological environment“ granted from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Staffs of the center are one professor and two business assistants. Researchers from basic to clinical department at Fukuoka Dental College as well as from other Japanese and British university join the research project and conduct research according to their own themes with a broad range of interests and expertise. This collaboration provides an opportunity for cross-divisional interactions, for which the center offers an appropriate platform. The center is equipped with various kinds of facilities, for instance, microCT, fluorescent light microscope and high-performance cliostat for histological specimen useful for in vivo and in vitro experiments. X-ray diffraction machine, fluorescent X-ray analyzer and FT-IR spectrometer are also installed for material analysis. These facilities are maintained by the center staff and can be freely accessed by the researchers.

Notable thesis includes…

1. Shinozaki Y, Mori N, Ohno J, Kawaguchi M, Kido H, Hayakawa T, Fukushima T, Rat calvarial tissues response of flowable DNA/protamine complex mixtures with DNA/chitosan complex to be used as a protective membrane for guided bone regeneration. J Oral Tissue Eng. 2012; 9:159-166.

2. Sakai A, Ozaki M, Valanezhad A, Ishikawa K and Matsuya S, Preparation of Sr-containing carbonate apatite as a bone substitute and its property. Dent Mater J. 2012; 31(2): 197–205.

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