Fukuoka Dental College

Sunshine City

Health Care Facility for the Elderly Requiring Nursing Care, Sunshine City

Since its establishment, “Fukuoka Shika Gakuen” has contributed to community health, medicine and welfare. Today, Japan is facing unparalleled extremely aged society and we are at a turning point that no modern society has ever experienced. With an eye to the future, we founded “Sunshine City” in August 2002, where we provide health and medical services for the elderly requiring nursing care, and “Sunshine Plaza” in October 2003, where we provide health and medical services for the elderly. With these two facilities, we are not only making a great contribution to an aging society, but also prepared to meet the surging demand for preventing aspiration pneumonia, a common condition among the elderly, through intensive oral care and oral health guidance by dental hygienists.
Moreover, we offer opportunities for clinical learning on dentistry for the elderly and the disabled as well as nursing and oral care to students of Fukuoka Dental College and Fukuoka College of Health Sciences.

Basic Policy
Sunshine City is a health care facility for the elderly requiring rehabilitation and nursing care.
The facility is an intermediated place for those who are wishing to return home after leaving hospital.
Those eligible for our services are:
(a) 60 years of age or above and are in need of nursing care.
(b) 40 to 64 years of age and are in need of nursing care due to ill health attributable to old age.
In either case, a certified requirement for nursing care in accordance with the Public Nursing Care Insurance System is required to receive the nursing care,

Offered Services
(1) Facility care services are provided for those who are in recuperation stage after treatment at a hospital or for those who need rehabilitation in preparation for returning home. Treatment will center the daily rehabilitation activity.
(2) Visiting rehabilitation includes services of rehabilitation, health checks, meals, bath, recreation and others.
(3) Home-care Support Center makes care plans. A care manager draws up a plan to provide appropriate services for those who have a Certified Requirement for Nursing Care, and who wish to receive nursing care at home.

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