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Graduate School

Graduate School of Dental Science

The graduate school is a birthplace of dental researchers, probing new fields and technologies with deep knowledge of a range of specialties. With well-arranged Animal Center and high-performance equipment including transmission and scanning electron microscopes, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Analyzer (MRI) and Biosafety Laboratory, professors and students engage in experimentation, analysis, discussion, lectures and presentations, and preparation of papers. Outstanding work from the graduate school is reflected immediately into the undergraduate program, and the continuing interaction between undergraduate and graduate students enriches them both.

Since Graduate School of Dental Science was opened in 1985, it has produced many competent dentists with comprehensive knowledge and wide vision concerning many specialized fields and has achieved brilliant results in the extensive fields of studies.
Under the rapidly changing situation, dental treatment has been diversified into various kinds, and the research themes of dental science have come to cover a broad range of topics. The chair of each research laboratory is making efforts for development of scientific theories on dental science and research activities with rich and wider visions. The outcomes of their researches have been made public as academic lectures, research presentations and papers. They are highly admired by domestic and international academic associations.
Advanced Science Research Center (2009-2019), Research Center for Regenerative Medicine (2010-2019),Oral Medicine Research Center(2019-) were established as core facilities to promote the advanced research projects at the school. Research Center for Control of Aging (2012-2017) is financially supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

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