Fukuoka Dental College

Graduate School of Nursing,
Fukuoka Nursing College

Here, you will learn oral medicine as part of a nursing curriculum with an eye towards the future.

At Fukuoka Gakuen, with our primary motto of "From dentistry to oral medicine," we view the mouth as one of the human body’s internal organs and see it as vital to the rest of the body's health, so we strive to develop medical experts who can improve the overall health of individuals through oral medicine.

Established in April 2017, Fukuoka Nursing College seeks to combine the study of oral medicine with nursing to meet the increasing and diversifying health care needs of our world, along with maintaining, improving, and restoring the health of people around the globe.

We train personnel who aspire to be nursing instructors or managers in the fields of nursing practice, and personnel who aspires to conduct nursing education clinically or at schools.

In our aging society of Japan, we strive to maintain the dignity of each individual by molding new nursing that first and foremost values the promotion of people's well-being in their daily lives, with the aim of cultivating a body of nursing knowledge that can accomplish this as well as create a healthy society with greater longevity.

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