Fukuoka Dental College

Fukuoka College of Health Sciences

Department of Dental Hygiene & Department of Health and Welfare

In accordance with Basic Act on Education and School Education Act of Japan, Fukuoka College of Health Sciences shall teach and research necessary knowledge, techniques for dental hygienists and care workers in depth, aim to produce competent individuals with high-level education and good virtues, execute its mission to contribute towards medical care, health and welfare. (the code of the college 1-1) The environment, of which medical care, health and welfare are in today, is rapidly changing. It now necessitates knowledge at a professional level and the importance of dental hygienists as a part of a medical team is ever more inevitable. At the same time the growth of demand for the competent dental hygienists who can play a teaching role is evident. In order to meet the demand of the society, Fukuoka Dental College is committed to producing dental hygienists with wide range of knowledge and high level of techniques. Also, in the aging society we face in Japan, care workers with good virtues, who have abilities to cooperate with other specialists in medicine, health & welfare are essential. It is a need of the nation that we are destined to supply, by producing high level care workers with knowledge in oral medicine, who can play a leading part on a team in the society.

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