Fukuoka Dental College

Department of Health and Welfare

Aiming at high-quality certified care workers who are good at oral care.

The goal of the department is to nurture professional care workers who have acquired a broad range of general knowledge and advanced expertise in order to provide care for the benefit of users. The curriculum tied up with dentistry for the elderly and the disabled and the general dentistry of Fukuoka Dental College assists the students in acquiring knowledge of oral care for the elderly and people with disabilities. They also study and practice at two facilities on campus: A health care facility for the elderly requiring nursing care “Sunshine City” and a special nursing home for the elderly “Sunshine Plaza”. After completing the two-year program, students can obtain the qualifications of certified care worker till 2014 academic year, after 2015 academic year, passing a national examination for care workers is required. In addition, students can receive the qualification of recreation instructors and the qualification for appointment as social welfare officers at the time of graduation. The opportunity to acquire other qualifications such as Housing Environment Coordinator is also provided.

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