Fukuoka Dental College

Department of Dental Hygiene

Evidence-based knowledge and skills for dental hygienist.

The Department of Dental Hygiene offers a three- year curriculum and assists students to acquire the essential knowledge and skills such as dental health service, maintenance care and assistance in clinical treatment. Students are provided with special clinical training programs at the College Hospital and health and care facilities “Sunshine City” and “Sunshine Plaza” located in the same campus. The graduates are qualified to take a national examination for dental hygienists. The department also assists students to get the qualification as a second-grade home helper. The facilities of Fukuoka Dental College such as the college library, gymnasium, tennis court and refectory are also available to these college students.

Postgraduate Course

The Department of Dental Hygiene has a special one-year program, which allows students to continue and develop their knowledge and skills. This postgraduate course was opened in 1999 and has been cultivating human resources capable of flourishing in the field of dental hygiene with specialized knowledge and high clinical skills. The objective of this course is to produce excellent dental hygienists who can play a leading role among co-dental staff. This course was authorized by the National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation in 2008. The students who finish this course can obtain a Bachelor of Oral Health Science. Fukuoka College of Health Sciences is the first college in Japan to produce dental hygienist with the bachelor’s degree in this academic field.

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