Fukuoka Dental College

Advanced Science Research Center

The center, originally named Frontier Research Center, was established in 1998 as a core facility to promote the Frontier Research Project supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. This project, carried out for a period of 10 years, facilitated various lines of research and interdisciplinary interaction in this institution. In recognition of its scientific achievement, a new project was set by the Ministry in 2008, and the center was renamed Advanced Science Research Center.

The main research project of the center is to elucidate mechanisms of interactions between genetic and environmental factors affecting human diseases. Here we study how environmental stress disturbs the accurate execution of replication and expression of the genome, how cellular systems work together to maintain genomic stability, and finally what is the biological and medical significance of controlling these mechanisms. Thus, the purpose of this program is to work out the architecture of these molecular circuits and acquire knowledge and tools for the control of diseases and aging.
For this purpose, researchers at Fukuoka Dental College investigate problems that range from understanding the fundamental mechanisms of biomolecular reactions to the treatment of diseases in the clinic. This juxtaposition of scientists and clinicians with a broad range of interests and expertise opens the opportunity for cross-divisional interactions, for which the center provides an appropriate platform. This interdisciplinary approach offers opportunities not found in single discipline or department settings. The center is equipped with various kinds of facilities for handling DNA and proteins and also cultivating cells.

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