Fukuoka Dental College


KUBOTA Keiko, Ph.D.
President President

We cultivate nursing skills designed to maintain the dignity of each individual by molding new nursing that first and foremost values the promotion of people's well-being in their daily lives.

 In Japan, while the average life expectancy has increased dramatically due to improvements in healthcare,enhancement of health, sanitation and welfare,the birthrate has declined and the aging population has increased. Public health awareness has improved and the way of thinking about medical care is changing.
 In particular, with the progression of this super-aged society, medical care and nursing are entering an era of change, a fact made apparent by the growing number of elderly people who require nursing care and support as the number of elderly people with dementia increases, along with many other diseases and disabilities.
Nursing professionals are today called on to not only have expert knowledge and skills of advanced medical treatment, thus allowing them to provide appropriate care, but also to support patients in decision-making regarding their life and health goals. When engaging in nursing, the person receiving care must be comprehensively treated as an individual, regardless of their health condition.
 In other words, they should not only function from the medical perspective of looking at a "disease," but should also focus on the patient’s quality of life, their human rights, and independence, and, furthermore, treat the act of looking at "people" as the value of their profession.
 Fukuoka Nursing College aims to maintain, promote, and restore health by incorporating "oral medicine", which is still not popular in Japan, into nursing science, as well as nurture students who have received holistic education in medicine and obtained first-hand practical experience that can be applied in a medical team to ensure that well-being is kept at the forefront of nursing’s educational philosophy to help patients live a life as close to normal as possible.

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