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Fukuoka Nursing College

We cultivate nursing skills designed to maintain the dignity of each individual by molding new nursing that first and foremost values the promotion of people's well-being in their daily lives. To help nursing patients live with human dignity and create a healthier society, we provide the practical skills to work in medical teams through the lenses of home health and oral medicine.

Policy of FNC

Admissions Policies
Fukuoka Nursing College welcomes any candidates
1) The educational foundation necessary for the study of nursing science.
2) A diverse interest in the fields of nursing, care, and medicine, with a strong desire to offer one’s skills to society.
3) A respect for others’ individual qualities and a commitment to cooperation.
4) A flexible outlook in all things and a passion for problem solving.
5) The ability to effectively express one’s ideas and communicate them to others.

Curriculum Policies
The curriculum is divided into the three categories of“ General,”for fundamental baccalaureate education;“Specialized Fundamentals,” for education necessary for medical occupations; and“ Specialized,” for education that specifically relates to the field of nursing. In particular, the Specialized curriculum is systematically designed to take students during their four years from lectures to practicums, then from practicums to hands-on experience.
1) The General curriculum focuses on developing students into compassionate individuals with a respect for humanity and strong ethics.
2) In the Specialized Fundamentals curriculum, while using the knowledge and abilities learned in the General curriculum, students will obtain a scientific background tailored towards nursing.
3) In the Specialized curriculum, in order to further refine students' understanding of ethics and provide them the tools to most effectively support the well-being of a variety of patients with different values, not only are important policies and high-quality techniques taught, but also practical skills such as how to work with those in other professions, understanding the medical and care needs for seniors living at home, and how to provide nursing care for every part of the body, starting with the oral health.

Diploma Policies
The following are required to receive a degree :
1) A fundamental understanding of ethics that hold a high respect for life and the ability to form constructive relationships to aid others.
2) The ability to flexibly respond to and creatively solve health problems for people with a variety of personal values.
3) Practical ability rooted in science that can be used to methodically provide the best possible care for each individual.
4) Comprehension of the various roles required in medical, health care, and welfare teams, as well as the ability to practically articulate how to cooperate with those taking on these different roles.
5) A comprehensive understanding of how to respond appropriately when carrying out home health care and the support needs of elderly people, as well as a demonstrated spirit of inquiry with regard to the practice of nursing.
6) Techniques to provide individuals with care focused on the mouth, as well as a desire to provide individuals with an improved QOL (quality of life) through medical support of their entire body.
7) Research skills needed to thoroughly study the body of nursing knowledge and then apply such knowledge to one’s own field.

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