Fukuoka Dental College


Clinical Training

The first encounter with a patient: tense moment and touching sensation After the completion of clinical practice sessions, the students begin clinical trainings at the college hospital; their first encounter with patients. Through daily clinical trainings, they learn to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases, also acquire attitudes and sense of responsibility, all of which are extremely important aspects of professional dentists.  This is the final phase and a turning point for the student to turn into a respectful dentist. FDC positions it as a key part of the program, and has adopted the best teaching systems available. At this stage, the students treat the patients with real pains and diseases. Tutorial training with a professor in seeing patients provides practical, immediate, personal guidance to diagnosis and treatment. Clinical training utilizes the latest medical equipment in a range of fields including general dentistry, conservative dentistry, prosthodontics, oral surgery, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, anesthesiology, radiology, geriatric dentistry, dentistry for the disabled and elderly, and the others.

Responsibility as a dentist: earning the trust from patients
The responsibilities of dentists today are wide, ranging from treatment of teeth to the health management for the entire jaw and oral cavity. Clinical training not only helps the students master the essential skills and techniques, but also makes them realize what patients expect from dentists. With a reliable support of experienced dentists and hospital staff, the students learn the most important aspects of becoming dentists, which textbooks alone cannot teach.

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