Fukuoka Dental College


Basic Sciences

The first step to becoming a dentist:
Learning about the body Society goes through profound changes and differentiates as it develops. In dentistry as well, specialization and the participation of information technologies is growing. New equipment with advanced technology is coming out on the market, and the development of new materials is progressing fast. In response to the drastic changes of our environment, dental technology is also being transformed rapidly, and Fukuoka Dental College plays an important role on the development.
The basic science curriculum provides fundamental information, essential for dental professionals. The guiding principle here is to provide valuable experience for the students to assist them in acquiring basic knowledge and skills required to flexibly meet the demands of their profession.
In the first and second years, the human body is studied morphologically (anatomy , and histology) and functionally (physiology, biochemistry),and this knowledge is amplified by study of pathology, microbiology and pharmacology. Dental Materials science, a key field of study at a dental college, is also learned during this period.

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