Fukuoka Dental College


FDC Dental Education Structure

What Fukuoka Dental College wants to produce is not a mere dentist, but an oral medicine specialist with exquisite skills and good virtues. FDC offers a 6-year curriculum that makes it possible. The practice-based syllabus on behavior, related medical sciences and dentistry promotes knowledge and techniques essential to the future dentists.
In order to produce Oral Medicine Specialists, FDC offers a unique curriculum to its students. The basis of the programs are manner education, related medical science education and specialized dental education. Together with practice based teaching method, students acquire essential skills and medical professionalism.
One of the distinctive features of FDC should be its solid basic medical subjects that the curriculum covers. Studies of Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology and the other related medical sciences are divided into groups of organs and diseases in order to deepen knowledge of the whole body.
The participatory clinical practice enables the students to apply their knowledge into treatment and diagnosis. The period for clinical training has been extended by 6 months since 2011 and the curriculum today is more solid than ever. The manner education trains their communication skills and ethics, and English conversation class with native speakers enriches their basic groundings to become a dentist who has broader horizons.

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