Fukuoka Dental College



We aim to foster competent dentists with an education and good sense.

 Fukuoka Dental College is the only private dental college in western Japan. In celebrating our 45th anniversary in 2017, we has produced over 4,300 graduates.
 Based on the philosophy of oral medicine: "To protect your health of the whole body through your oral health”, we are engaged in an improvement or an enrichment of educational contents and methods to train dentists as oral medicine specialists. Recently, in the autumn of 2017, our college hospital opened the Center for Visiting Dental Service, which provides high-quality dental treatment in cooperation with specialized dentistry at various places from the emergency hospital to home, and could practice oral medicine education to foster dentists that meet the needs of super-aged society.
 For clinical practice of the patient robots for simulation, you can learn emergency treatment when a patient suddenly changes during the dental treatment. Moreover, we set up several digital equipment adapted to the cutting-edge technology of dentistry, the educational devices for digitized record and analysis of oral jaw function, CAD/CAM system, 3D printer and so on.
 In Fukuoka Dental College Medical and Dental General Hospital, there are specialized dental departments and various medical departments, for example, internal medicine, general surgery, anesthesiology (pain clinic), psychosomatic medicine, otolaryngology, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, pediatrics, orthopedics, dermatology, and the center of endoscopy, endoscopic therapy and surgery. The training system for dentists who can understand the whole body condition is enriched in our college hospital. In addition, as clinical practice facilities for students, we have two elderly nursing home care facilities on campus and the center for oral diseases in front of Hakata Station.
 In international exchanges, selected students were sent to UK, Canada, China (2 universities) and Korean universities every year, to develop world-class dentists.
 For support of student life, one teacher as an advisor (professor, associate professor or lecturer) is in charge of 8 students to guide them on learning and daily life in careful, and for financial aid, several scholarship systems are available.
 Currently, our college hospital is preparing rebuilding, and a new hospital is scheduled to be opened in the autumn of 2020. In 2022, Fukuoka Dental College celebrates 50th anniversary, and the 50th anniversary hall of Fukuoka Gakuen / Fukuoka Dental College (provisional name) is planned for completion.
 Based on the founding spirit: “In accordance with Basic Act on Education and School Education Act of Japan, Fukuoka Dental College shall teach and research dental science in depth, aim to produce competent dentists with high-level education and good virtues, execute its mission to contribute towards both social welfare and development of dentistry and medicine”, we will continue to foster dentists with not only knowledge and technology but also with excellent human intelligence and good sense.
 Fukuoka Dental College will continue to develop and strive to contribute to society through oral medicine.

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