Fukuoka Dental College


SUITA, Sachiyo, M.D., Ph.D.
Chairperson, Board of Trustees tanaka

We hope you will cultivate the true ability as dentists trusted by the people.

 In the era of globalization, politics and economy of the world continue to be in chaos. At the present time, in Japan, the declining birthrate and aging population rapidly progress. In that era, higher education institutions are strongly required to foster excellent talent who can open up a bright future in each field of society.
 Looking ahead to progress of the super-aging society, the school corporation Fukuoka Gakuen is aiming to establish oral medicine, including the Fukuoka Dental College, the Medical and Dental General Hospital as a regional medical center, the Center for Oral Diseases to support highly oral health care personnel, and Fukuoka College of Health Sciences to nurture oral care and care welfare leaders. In addition, we have established a health care facility for the elderly requiring nursing care and special nursing homes for the elderly nursing home health care facilities and special nursing home for the aged and continue to develop as an integrated school of medical, health, welfare. Furthermore, in April 2017, we opened Fukuoka Nursing College and Penguin Nursery School in August 2017, and we are promoting the construction of a new hospital. With a motto “students have a willingness to learn, and graduates are proud of our alma mater”, we are working on creating an environment that you can learn throughout life.
 Fukuoka Dental College is the only private dental college in western Japan, celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2017. Over 4,300 graduates are active in many fields such as medical, academic and community societies. In our college, we plan advocated “Shifting from Dentistry to Oral Medicine”, practicing more comprehensive oral medicine education incorporating elements of general medicine and welfare into conventional dentistry. Fostering the dentist who preserves whole body health through oral health, we teach medicine related to dentistry, such as internal medicine and general surgery, conduct various clinical training at the hospital and nursing care facilities on campus, and have the state-of-the-art equipment such as patient robots that can experience urgent treatment and a simulation device for dental care. As above, our college has an environment that fosters oral medicine specialists.
 At the Center for Oral Diseases, which is satellite medical center located in front of Hakata Station, we provide technical guidance, shared joint treatment, training course, and seminars for dental practitioners to support their improvement after graduation. In addition, our college has opened clinical seminars 20 times a year as extension lecture and it contributes to the oral care of the community.
 We actively accept students with a strong will to contribute to the improvement of national medical care. In order to encourage our students, we arrange advisory teachers for each student and, on the financial assistance, prepare a variety of scholarships.
 In international exchange, we are promoting exchanges between some universities in Asia, Canada and Europe: China Medical University School of Stomatology (China), Shanghai Jiao Tong University College of Stomatology (China), Kyung Hee University College of Dentistry (Korea), University of Dental Medicine Yangon (Myanmar), University of Dental Medicine Mandalay (Myanmar), The University of British Columbia (Canada), and The University of Liverpool (British). We trains dentists with an international sense and a broad perspective that can be active in a progressive global society.
 Fukuoka city where our college is located has a history and culture that thrived as a gateway to foreign exchange since ancient times, and many historical sites are left. Surrounded by a rich natural environment, urban functions are getting enriched year by year, and the number of students is the second largest nation in ratio of population. Our students, faculty and staff are learning and working in an excellent environment which is mentioned in school song with a high aspirations to serve people’s happiness.
 We hope you will cultivate the true ability as dentists trusted and respected by the people.

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