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A Brief History of Fukuoka Dental College

In the early 70’s the number of dentists in Kyushu area was less than 4,000, roughly 3,000 people per one dentist. Foundation of an institution to foster dentists was clearly an urgent need. In 1970, two organizations, Kyushu Dental College Alumni Association and the Union of Dental Associations in Kyushu, rose to initiate the incorporation of the first private dental college in the west of Japan. Initially, they began to work separately to found a college of their own. After facing many difficulties, however, the mediation between two parties was introduced and on July 27, 1972, the authorization for the foundation of Fukuoka Dental College was finally granted by Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.

1972 Authorization granted to Fukuoka Shika Gakuen for foundation of Fukuoka Dental College

1973 Establishment of College Hospital
Establishment of Fukuoka Dental College

1981 Establishment of Dental Hygiene School

1985 Establishment of Graduate School

1997 Establishment of Fukuoka College of Health Sciences Establishment of Health and Welfare School

1999 Establishment of Post Graduate Program in Department of Dental Hygiene

2000 Reorganization of Fukuoka Health and Welfare School into Department of Health and Welfare at Fukuoka College of Health Sciences

2002 30th anniversary of the foundation of Fukuoka Dental College

2002 Establishment of health care facility for the elderly, Sunshine City

2011 Establishment of Center for Oral Diseases

2012 40th anniversary of the foundation of Fukuoka Dental College

2013 Faculty of Dentistry was renamed Faculty of Oral Dentistry (and Division of Oral Dentistry)

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