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About Us

Dentistry to Oral Medicine (Stomatology)

Fukuoka Dental College’s goal is to be a pioneer of Oral Medicine (Stomatology) . We foster dentists with basic and clinical knowledge of Medicine.

FDC is one of the first educational institutions for Dentistry to have advocated the establishment of educational system for Oral Medicine (Stomatology), and put it into practice. Due to the aging society we face, patients' medical histories are ever more complex. It is now inevitable for dentists to have better understanding of the whole body, general health and systemic diseases in order to insure safety and reliance of the patients. FDC is devoted to creating a more comprehensive educational system by integrating Dentistry with Medicine, Life Sciences and Welfare to meet the needs of the times.

Policy of FDC

Admissions Policies
Fukuoka Dental College welcomes any candidates
1) With fundamental knowledge to learn Oral Medicine (Stomatology)
2) With interests in life science and medicine, a spirit of inquiry and great motivation
3) With sense of mission to contribute towards social welfare and community health care
4) Willing to acquire high level of ethics, a cooperative attitude and abilities to communicate.

Curriculum Policies
We practice liberal arts and sciences, manner education, related medical science and specialized dental education in order to form a curriculum for Oral Medicine (Stomatology). We also configure a curriculum to foster medical staff with holistic view.
1) We develop students’ ethics, social wisdom and great humanity.
2) Through practice based manner education, we foster individuals to acquire cooperative attitudes, communication skills, sense of responsibility and voluntary spirit towards welfare and medicine.
3) Through specialized studies based on life science, medicine and dentistry, we foster individuals to master Oral Medicine (Stomatology)

Diploma Policies
Fukuoka Dental College only grant a degree to candidates
1) Who have mastered specialized knowledge and skills of Oral Medicine (Stomatology) based on knowledge of life science, medicine and dentistry.
2) Who can adapt to development or changes in the society about science, medicine and dentistry, and can continue to self-improve through life.
3) Who acquired understanding of social welfare and community health care, and a sense of social responsibility.
4) Who acquired ethics, cooperative attitudes and communication skills based on educated intelligence.

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