Fukuoka Dental College



・ Prospective applicants must meet one of the following requirements:
(1) Graduated, or expected to graduate a dental or medical school, university or of equivalent by March, 2016.
(2) Completed 18 years of education curriculum in foreign schools.
(3) Specifically granted under the conditions of “School Education Act” by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan.
(4) Admitted by the graduate school of Fukuoka Dental College, meeting certain academic ability that is equivalent to the college graduate level in either field of dentistry or medicine.

・ Course and Required Years        
Four years Doctoral Course

・ Requirements for Completion of Course and Conferment of Degree
(1) Within four years or longer of normal registration period at the graduate school, doctoral candidates are required to acquire more than 30 credits, and to pass the doctoral thesis examination after receiving necessary academic instruction by a supervisor on the candidate’s research. However, those with outstanding research accomplishment are exceptionally allowed to complete graduate school course in three years or plus extra.
(2) With the completion of the prescribed program, the candidate is awarded a Doctoral Degree (Doctor of Dental Science).

・Tuition Fee

  Amount Remarks
Entrance Fee 300,000 JPY Due at the enrollment
Tuition 700,000 JPY Due annually
Funds for equipment and facilities 600,000 JPY Due at the enrollment
Total 1,600,000 JPY  

Time Line

  Submission Period Examination Date Results Announcement
1st Admission 31 Aug. 2015 - 16 Sep. 2015 18 Sep. 2015 7 Oct. 2015
2nd Admission 4 Jan. 2016 - 20 Jan. 2016 22 Jan. 2016 5 Feb. 2016
Additional Admission 23 Feb. 2016 - 9 Mar. 2016 11 Mar. 2016 23 Mar. 2016
Examination results are posted on a board at the Student Hall in the main building of FDC. A letter of acceptance and other documents for admission procedures will be posted to successful applicants.

  Results Announcement Admission procedure period
1st Admission 7 Oct. 2015 8 Oct. 2015 - 23 Oct. 2015
2nd Admission 5 Feb. 2016 8 Feb. 2016 - 19 Feb. 2016
Additional Admission 23 Mar. 2016 23 Mar. 2016 - 28 Mar. 2016
Notes: All the payments must be made before the admission procedure period ends. The entrance fee is NOT refundable under any circumstances. Successful applicants willing to withdraw after the closing dates must acknowledge the admission office with a formal letter of withdrawal by 15:00, 31st March 2016 (Japanese Standard Time). No other means (e-mail, telephone, fax, text, telegram) are accepted as a form of withdrawal. A postmark with the designated date is not sufficient. The letter must be delivered to the office by the designated date and time.

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