Fukuoka Dental College


Financial Aid

Apart from the scholarship programs promoted by JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) , there are 2 other programs offered by FDC.

1. Fukuoka Dental College Graduate School Scholarship
A scholarship or special scholarships are awarded to healthy graduate students with good moral character who are selected through screening performed by a nomination committee. Nominees are selected annually. Receiving the scholarship once is NOT a guarantee that it will be awarded the following year.

The amount equivalent to year tuition *(\700,000) will be awarded on condition that the fund be allocated for the tuition.

・special scholarship
An amount decided by the chairman of FDC *(\160,000 per month) will be awarded. For the special scholarship, FDC graduates will be preferred nominees and the funds are awarded to 3 or less students per grade.

*The amounts shown in the parenthases above are the achievement of 2015. The amounts for the follwing years may change without any notice.
※Either one or the other scholarship will be awarded to a student. No students would be nominated for both scholarships at the same time. Please contact the student affairs office for more details.

2. Fukuoka Dental College Student Mutual Aid Society Student Loans
Students willing to apply for the loan must complete the designated form. Please contact the student affairs office for more details.

Graduate students (excluding those studying at government expense and those exceeded the specified research period) selected as a teaching assistant or a research assistant will be provided with an allowance. (TA: \270,000 per year, RA: maximum \384,000 per year)

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