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Wander in the neighborhood

Fukuoka Dental College is located in the south west of Fukuoka City. With the splendid natural and urban environment, the campus a perfect place for the academic studies. Fukuoka keeps growing as one of the most vibrant and modern cities in Japan, but if you take a walk around, you will see aspects of its 2000-year history here and there.

For more information on Fukuoka City, visit City's website.

Kamo Subway Station kamost
7 minutes’ walk from the college takes you to the subway station, opened in Feb. 2005 on Nanakuma line.
Kamo Shrine kamoshrine
Visit the shrine on 15th Sep. for the event called sentoumyou, where one thousand plates with a small light are displayed in order to pray for staying healthy.
Noke Kushida Shrine nokekushida
The local deity with roughly 1200 years of history. Many people visit the yearly event for the deity of wealth.
Tokuei-ji Temple tokueiji
The precincts are known for the beautiful cherry blossoms in Spring. Autumn leaves are also breathtaking. The place offers different features every season.
Nishi Aburayama Central Park nishiaburayamapark
The 40,000 square meter park is a perfect place for cherry blossom viewing. It is a great spot for the night view of Fukuoka City as well.
Muromi Riverside Park muromigawapark
Another spot for cherry blossom viewing with about 5 km running course. Many people enjoy BBQ during the summer.
Iimori Shrine iimorishrine
Founded in 859. It has a long history and some cultural assets. People visit to get purification ceremonies throughout the year.
West Athletic Park (Seibu Athletic Park) seibuathleticpark
Within its 110,999 square meter park, it has a baseball field, multipurpose athletic field, tennis courts, kids’ playground, dog run, jogging course and other facilities. 
Kanetake Water Strider Pond Park kanetakeamenbo
It is located right next to Muromi River. You get to see water striders, medaka ricefish and seasonal flowers.
Enkiri Jizo enkirijizo
This unique jizo has a story set in around 8th century. A girl who was marrying a rich person was told that the guy died on the day of the marriage and subsequently killed herself. People felt sorry and built the jizo to morn. Today, it is known as a place to dissipate a relationship.
Myofuku-ji Temple Garden  
To the south west of the temple, you will find the Japanese garden. Although it is not clear when it was made, the style implies Edo era or earlier. It is designated as the cultural asset of Fukuoka City.

A little drive around the neighborhood

Magaribuchi Dam Park magaribuchidam
Built in 1923, its storage capacity is 2.6 million tons. It is a famous spot among locals for Autumn leaves.
Karan Waterfall karanwaterfall
1 km upper stream of Taki River, there is a 15 meter high waterfall. It looks as if flowers (KA) are dancing wild (RAN).
Firefly Land (Upper stream of Muromi River) hotarunosato
At the beginning of summer, the upper stream of Muromi River is filled with fireflies, and cluster amaryllis in autumn.
Arahira Castle Ruin  
At the top of Arahirayama, you can see what is left of Arahira Castle built in 1462. It was a base to rule Sawara area back in 15th century until the fall in 1579.

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