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Life at Fukuoka Dental College is full of experience. For more opportunities to make friends and broaden the horizons, students are encouraged to join club activities. Of 24 clubs available at FDC, 18 are sports clubs and they practice hard for the competition known as All Dental. It takes place once a year to decide the best players within all dental schools in Japan. Out of 29 schools participated, FDC won 19th place as a school in 2015, with volleyball wining second place and boxing wining the victory.
Whether arts or sports, experienced or beginners, club activities will make your life at FDC more rewarding.

Music Association Pottery Desk Top Publishing
Fishing English Study Society Film Society


Kendo Soccer Basketball
Sailing Bowling Softball
Rugby・Football Baseball Volleyball
Badminton Karate Swimming
Tennis Judo Golf
Surfing Boxing Japanese Archery

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