Fukuoka Dental College

Student Life

To make the most out of your time

Curriculum to become a dentist is in many ways not quite the same as other fields of studies. Just like becoming a medical doctor, it requires great amount of knowledge, techniques, clinical trainings and passing the national exam. The pressure and stress can be intence especially towards the end of 6-year curriculum. To help them make the most out of their once-in-a-life-time opportunity, FDC offers counseling systems to support students’ life and study.

Student Counseling Room
Becoming a dentist involves series of studies and trainings as well as patience. Unlike students with other majors, those studying at FDC will have to be clear on their purpose from the moment they enter college; to become a dentist. It is not unusual that some young minds struggle to remain focused during the course of study that last for 6 years. Student Counseling Room is a place for those who need a professional help in order to solve their problems in and out of college life.

Counselor/Tutor system・Office Hour
For every grade, FDC has tutors allocated to all the students to support their college life. A tutor is responsible for average of 8 students. They can be a listener, adviser, counselor and a friend that students can turn to when they have any concerns or issues. Office Hour is a time students can visit professors’ office. No matter how busy they are, professors will stay in the office to make sure they are available during the Office Hour.

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