Fukuoka Dental College


Brief History of Fukuoka Gakuen

In the early 70’s the number of dentists in Kyushu area was less than 4,000, roughly 3,000 people per one dentist. Foundation of an institution to foster dentists was clearly an urgent need. In 1970, two organizations, Kyushu Dental College Alumni Association and the Union of Dental Associations in Kyushu, rose to initiate the incorporation of the first private dental college in the west of Japan.
Initially, they began to work separately to found a college of their own. After facing many difficulties, however, the mediation between two parties was introduced and on July 27, 1972, the authorization for the foundation of Fukuoka Dental College was finally granted by Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. In August, HOSAKA Tsuneo was appointed to the first chairman and NADAYOSHI Torao as the president.

The first ten years

271 students attended the first entrance ceremony, which took place on 12th March 1973, were from various backgrounds including those who left office work to become a dentist and graduates from other universities. Although their age and backgrounds were different, they all had the same brimming spirit in common; we are going to create what Fukuoka Dental College is. The main building (total floor space of 19,887 square meters) was built in 1978 as the increase in number of students required substantial facilities such as additional lecture rooms and training rooms, research facilities, library and auditorium to accommodate them.

Till the recent years

In 1982, Animal Center for research experiments was built, and together with the main building, the basis for founding a graduate school was finally complete. Many sport facilities were built around 1982 including a gymnasium and tennis courts, and the archery range in 1984.
FDC applied for the establishment of graduate school in 1983, but it did not meet the government approval due to the lack of faculty organization. After strengthening the organization, the authorization for the foundation of graduate school was granted in 1985.
In 1992, the second chairman, MIYAKE Yoshiro (the former vice-governor of Fukuoka Prefecture) who was appointed to the position in 1978 and made much contribution to strengthen the foundation for growth, passed away. TANAKA Kenzo (the former chancellor of Kyushu University) then took his place and spirits.

1972 Authorization granted to Fukuoka Shika Gakuen for foundation of Fukuoka Dental College

1973 Establishment of College Hospital Establishment of Fukuoka Dental College

1981 Establishment of Dental Hygiene School

1985 Establishment of Graduate School

1997 Establishment of Fukuoka College of Health Sciences Establishment of Health and Welfare School

1999 Establishment of Post Graduate Program in Department of Dental Hygiene

2000 Reorganization of Fukuoka Health and Welfare School into Department of Health and Welfare at Fukuoka College of Health Sciences

2002 30th anniversary of the foundation of Fukuoka Dental College

2002 Establishment of health care facility for the elderly, Sunshine City

2011 Establishment of Center for Oral Diseases

2012 40th anniversary of the foundation of Fukuoka Dental College

2013 Faculty of Dentistry at FDC was renamed Faculty of Oral Dentistry (and Division of Oral Dentistry)

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