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Training Center & Guest Rooms

Student Training Center with Guest Rooms is one of the facilities that Fukuoka Dental College prides. It was built next to the main building in 1986 by The Student Fraternal Association of Fukuoka Dental College and donated to Fukuoka Dental College. The space for the site is 2095.77 square meters, the space for the building is 5260.66 square meters. This is four-storied modern building with 30 rooms, 2 lecture rooms, 4 seminar rooms and 3 lounges. Students of FDC can move in to take the advantage of its location. This center is usually used for having special lectures and small group trainings. On the first floor, there are Guest Rooms for special guests and visitors.

・Intended User: As a general rule, 6th year students of Fukuoka Dental College can move in. Other students are also entitled to use it as student accommodation if the rooms are vacant.

・Rooms: All the rooms are individual cabins. There are 30 rooms (20 rooms for male, 10 rooms for female students) and each room is furnished with air conditioning, a refrigerator, a bathroom with toilet, a sink cabinet, an electric heater, a bed, a desk, a book shelf and a closet.

● Special lectures are available for the tenants (payable).  
● A custodian is at the site around the clock.  
● A high level security measure is taken. (Card key system for the rooms)  
● Washing machines and dryers are available for the tenants.

Guest Room

Student Training Center has 4 guest rooms (1 twin and 3 singles) with bath and toilet. For more information about Student Center and Guest Rooms, please contact the Educational Affairs Division of Fukuoka Dental College. (Phone:092-801-0411 extension562 or e-mail: gakumu@college.fdcnet.ac.jp)

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