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From Quality of Mouth (QOM) to Quality of Life (QOL)

IKEBE Tetsuro, D.D.S., Ph.D. , Director of Hospital

 Thank you for coming to the website of Fukuoka Dental College Medical and Dental General Hospital. Our hospital has 12 medical clinics – Internal Medicine, Psychosomatic Medicine, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery / Cosmetic Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics / Child Neurology, Orthopedics / Rehabilitation Medicine, Dermatology, Anesthesiology (Pain Clinic), Image Diagnostics, Clinical Pathology – as well as 12 dental clinics. We aim to achieve the comprehensive hospital to cooperate between medicine and dentistry.
 Recently, it was found that oral diseases complicate systemic illnesses while the symptoms, associated with systemic disease, appear in and around the mouth – an interaction between periodontal disease and diabetes, between dental bacteria and pneumonia, between jaw diseases and drug of osteoporosis, and so on. Dentists have to take care of the whole body based on knowledge of medicine while medical doctors pay more attention to oral condition and oral hygiene. It is fair to say that there are no definite border between dentistry and medicine. Dr. TANAKA Kenzo, the former chairman of our college, pioneered the concept of “Oral Medicine”, which means that the practice and thinking of dentists should be based on basic life science and medicine. In super-aged society, which Japan is facing, more and more hospitals should carry out “Oral Medicine”. Our hospital embodies its concept.
 KITAHARA Hakushu (Japanese poet, Fukuoka Prefecture) wrote some lyrics of medical college and medical office. He phrased “It is mouth that is gateway of life”. There is no knowing whether Hakushu understood the importance of “Oral Medicine”. Nowadays, however, it is clear that oral condition affects health condition of the whole body. Especially, the quality of life of elderly people easily decreases when their oral condition is worse. Conversely, to maintain your quality of life, it is important to keep your good health in and around mouth. We propose “From Quality of Mouth (QOM) to Quality of Life (QOL)”.
 To go forward with this movement, we consider that “multi-disciplinary cooperation” is its keyword. As you know, the first cooperation lies between our hospital and community people. Everyone get it in their mind that we and you are the member of local community. Second is a connection with your personal dentist and hospital. It is called “hospital and clinic cooperation”. Third is among hospitals, that is called “hospital and hospital cooperation”. In our hospital, highly competent doctors from Kyushu University Hospital or Fukuoka University Hospital belong to each medical clinic. Therefore, we work cooperatively with Kyushu University Hospital, Fukuoka University Hospital, National Kyushu Medical Center, or National Hospital Organization Kyushu Cancer Center. In addition, we are closely related to Fukuseikai Hospital which is near Noke Station. We focus more energy on the cooperation on oral care to healthcare and nursing-care facilities for elderly as well as hospitals.
 All staffs – doctor, dentist, nurse, dental hygienist, clinical laboratory technologist, radiation technologist, physical therapist, managerial dietician, and administrative staff – have shared the concept of “Oral Medicine” in our hospital. We would like to supply you with heartwarming and relief medical care.
 Finally, we inform important thing. Fukuoka Dental College’s students are attending the medical care for internship in our hospital. The students work very hard, so we hope you will kindly see to them.

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