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For fostering of the dentists required in the future.

Fukuoka Dental College (FDC) was established in April, 1973. The graduates count 4,131 (as of March 2014) and they take an active part in medical treatment, research, education and administration not only in Kyushu but also all over Japan and in foreign countries.
In recent years, the environment surrounding dentistry has greatly changed. With a change of the dental disease structure, it is demanded to shift from the medical care mainly composed of the treatment of the diseases such as dental caries and periodontal disease, to the medical care based on the viewpoint such as recovery of the oral function or improvement of QOL (quality of life). In addition, with the rapid population aging in Japan, the actual situation of patients changes a lot. The ratio of elderly people over 65 visiting the dental clinic, was one of ten people in 1984, and had become one of three people in 2011, and it is still increasing. As a matter of course, the number of the patients with some kind of systemic disease is increasing, too. For safe and secure dentistry, it is required for dentists to understand the whole body and to acquire medical knowledge more than before.
For fostering of the dentists that meet the needs of this time, FDC perform the dental education with thorough instructions of its faculty members under the educational environment with advanced facilities, and even more, we promote oral medicine by building the curriculum including general medical education. This promotion is in process as a program among 8 universities cooperated with other dental colleges, faculties of dentistry or medicine (MEXT Strategic Support Program for cooperation of universities), and FDC plays a central role.
By the way, what kind of image do you have about the number of dentists at present? The number of dentists in Japan counts 102,551 according to the survey of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in 2012, and those who are over 50 years old account for 49.8%. The number is gradually decreasing from 50s to 30s, which means that population aging of dentists would proceed. Therefore, I would like you, who aim to become a dentist, to keep in mind that each person will engage in the forefront of dentistry in Japan, and that is why this occupation is required in the society, and worthwhile.
Fukuoka Dental College Medical and Dental General Hospital has General Dentistry Department, 11 dental clinics and 11 medical clinics. In May 2008, the hospital acquired an authorization of Japan Council for Quality Health Care. This council performs the third-party evaluation for the provision of high quality medical service of hospital, and we got a second early authorization among hospitals of private dental colleges basing on dentistry. Furthermore, we have two aged care facilities in the same campus and our students have the training there. In this way, we raise the new dentists who can cope with a super-aged society under unified educational environment in medical treatment, caregiving and welfare.
We also promote advanced researches of life science and aim to be a study base of oral medicine with a focus on Advanced Science Research Center, Research Center for Regenerative Medicine and Research Center for Control of Aging. In our graduate school education, we aim at raising not only researchers but also highly-skilled medical professionals with research spirit. It is very helpful to acquire a scientific way of thinking through research; discovering problems, collecting data for the solution, analyzing, integrating and then building the way to solve the problems, for becoming a dentist who understands the medical condition correctly and give the proper treatment to every patient. The graduate school is an important place to have a good experience for devoting ourselves to studies during lifetime and in engaging in clinic with confidence.
Here at FDC, we have a lot of faculty members from FDC, Kyushu University, Kyushu Dental University, Fukuoka University, Nagasaki University, Kagoshima University, Hokkaido University, Tohoku University, Iwate Medical University, Ohu University, Tokyo University, Tokyo Dental College, Niigata University, Osaka University, Hiroshima University and so on. We perform the education with these faculty members and with the mind; “Here is the center”. There may be some people among examinees who are worried that we have too many dentists in Japan. It is true that the number of the overall dentists is increasing, but that of dentists under 50 years old is rather decreasing in these past ten years. When you play an active role in the forefront of dentistry after 6-year college life and 1-year clinical practice, the social situation will change dramatically. I would like you to try to become a dentist with the intension of taking the future of Japanese dentistry. We bring up the dentists required in the future.
I look forward to seeing you here at FDC.

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