Section of Psychosomatic Medicine

In our section of psychosomatic medicine, we perform educations, researches, and clinical medicine in order to practice a bio-psycho-social approach as a medical basis.
 We aim to realize holistic medicine, a medical model of total or comprehensive medicine, in which we examine patients from not only physical but also psychosocial viewpoints.
 In the field of education, we provide students the basic theory of psychosomatic medicine, which contains pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of psychosomatic diseases in general medical and dental fields.

Research Activity
We investigated the relationship between body and mind, especially in the following subjects.
1. therapeutic effects of autogenic training on the stress related functional somatic syndromes
2. heart rate variability spectral analysis: the effects of psychosomatic medical treatments, such as autogenic training, naikan therapy, and music therapy, on autonomic nervous functions.
3. assessment of clinical adverse effects of autogenic training
4. pathophysiology of psychogenic hyperthermia: molecular basis of the morbidity of the psychogenic hyperthermia and the sensitivity to the psychological stress
5. biofeedback treatment of the mental sweating of hyperhidrosis
6. pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of the psychosomatic diseases in dental fields