Department of Medicine

In 2001, Internal Medicine and General Surgery were united to form a general medical department. Thereafter, our department has been continuously growing and expanding specialties, including Psychosomatic Medicine in 2005, Otorhinolaryngology in 2007, Ophthalmology in 2010, Pediatrics and Orthopedics in 2013, Dermatology in 2015 and Center of Endoscopy, Endoscopic Therapy and Surgery in 2017.One of the major missions of our department is to contribute to establishment of Oral Medicine by offering medical education equivalent to the medical school. The hospital has 50 beds and many advanced facilities for outpatients. Integrated clinical activities, enthusiastic medical education and scientific research form the foundation of the general medical department. Each part of the triad enriches the other so that students and patients receive comprehensive education and compassionate treatment based on the latest medical knowledge.