Section of Internal Medicine

Our section, internal medicine, acts as a central player in the medical education of the Oral Medicine. In addition to the comprehensive lecture of the most common medical diseases, our program offers the bedside teaching with admitted patients. In the clinical services, we cover most general medical diseases while our specialties are stroke, renal diseases, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. MRI with superconducting magnet, sophisticated ultrasound equipment and many cardiovascular examination facilities enable us to treat both acute and chronic illness and to perform close examinations for the referral patient. Besides the close cooperation with Kyushu University Hospital in the clinical activity, we are also enthusiastic for the scientific research in collaboration with Kyushu University and other prestige institutes. 

Research Activity

1. Investigation regarding deteriorating factors in ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke
2. Development of novel strategies to treat stroke patients
3. Mineral metabolism and vascular calcification in the chronic kidney disease
4. Regulation of insulin production and mechanism of diabetes onset
5. Hypertensive complications and vascular wall functions in the vascular disease