Fukuoka Dental College

Center for Oral Diseases

State of the art treatment right in front of Hakata Station

Fukuoka Dental College Center for Oral Diseases, opened in December 2011, aims to offer quality dental treatment at the college hospital level and to cooperate with other dental practitioners all over Kyushu. Fukuoka Dental College Medical and Dental Hospital is located in the west of Fukuoka City where people in east and south of the city need a long journey to get to. Center for Oral Diseases (COD), is in a convenient location right opposite Hakata Station where we can offer treatment for people in not just Fukuoka City but also Fukuoka Prefecture, and the Kyushu bullet train service started in March 2011 enabled patients of difficult cases in the Kyushu area to easily travel to get the top level treatment at COD.

COD is stationed with 12 dentists, 11 dental hygienists, a dental technician and a radiologist. The dentists include 3 professors,associate professor,5 lecturers,assistant professor and 2 doctors. They are the specialists in various fields like Oral Surgery, Implantology, Periodontology and Endodontology. Treatment ranges from common operations to Oral Malodor Treatment and Esthetic Dentistry, some of which require high level of knowledge and techniques. Medical examinations for Pediatrics and Orthodontics are limited to Saturdays for the time being. If more demands are seen, we are ready to change the schedule to suit the needs. Center for Oral Diseases is cooperating with private dental practitioners, and it will soon become one of the most important institutions that helps students of FDC study to become specialists in Oral Medicine.

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