Fukuoka Dental College

Research Center for Control of Aging

Brief History

Research Center for Control of Aging was established in 2012 as a core facility of Fukuoka Dental College, and its operation is supported by MEXT Supported Program for the Strategic Research Foundation at Private University. The main research project of the center is to elucidate mechanisms of interactions between genetic and environmental factors affecting aging.
In this project, we are studying how environmental stresses accelerate aging process and how cellular systems control the process. By analyzing these, we intend to discover the biological and medical significances for health and welfare in aging. Since Japan has become the top ranked super-aging society in the world, it is urgent for our country to tackle this issue. For postgraduate students, we offer a place for their research, a platform for interdisciplinary information, techniques and educational training. If necessary, we also provide an opportunity for joint research with researchers inside and outside the country.

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