Section of Anesthesiology
Department of Diagnostics and General Care
Division of Oral & Medical Management

 Dr. Shogo Taniguchi received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from Kyushu University in 1982.
 After working as an assistant professor and lecturer at Kyushu University, he came to Fukuoka Dental College as a professor in 1999.
 As education, he mainly gives lectures on dental anesthesiology. He teaches the knowledge on general management such as respiration and circulation which are needed to provide safe dental treatment.
 As for research, he has been studying on cell energy metabolism under bioinvasion such as surgery and shock. His focus has been on oxidation-reduction potential of body fluids and pathology of shock. In addition, he is investigating control method for bioregulation to bioinvasion analyzing the fluctuation of circulatory and autonomic nervous functions. In the field of pain management, he is also conducting research on the treatment for neuropathic pain and on the establishment of evaluation methods for degree of neurological disorder.
 He performes perioperative anesthetic management in operating theater and provides medical care to the patients with acute and chronic pain of not only the maxillofacial area but also the whole body in the pain clinic.

1.Estimation and regulation of surgical stress
2.Treatment of neuropathic pain
3.Cellular metabolism under surgical stress

Research work by TANIGUCHI Shogo