Section of Orthodontics
Department of Oral Growth and Development
Division of Clinical Dentistry

Dr. Sachio Tamaoki received his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from Fukuoka Dental College in 1997, continued at the Graduate school and was awarded Ph.D. He worked as an assistant professor until he was promoted to a lecturer in the orthodontics section in 2006.
His research work involves categorizing facial shapes and calculating growth of each facial part with a self-organizing map for patients who are in need of surgical orthodontics. He also is building an evaluation method for molar tooth axis by researching deformation of jaw and occlusion distortion.
He gives lectures on cephalometric Analysis and Orthodontic device, and teaches how to make basic Orthodontic device. He trains students in developing techniques for adjusting devices as well as how to make treatment plan.
At clinics, he treats patients for orthodontics, surgical orthodontics, lip alveolus and palate cleft, prosthodontics and esthetic dentistry.

Research work by TAMAOKI Sachio