Section of Social Dentistry

The overall aim of the curriculum in Social Dentistry is to provide undergraduate students with scientific knowledge and attitudes on Social Dentistry. The curriculum in Social Dentistry includes the following:
1. The structure and function, and the role of health service
2. Demands for health service of the nation
3. A financial problem on health service
4. Cooperation with the staffs of oral health service and other relevant personnel of the social sector and the health sector
5. The structure and function, and the role of public health (i.e. maternal and child health, school health, occupational health and elderly health) and social welfare in Japan

The students should be taught:
1. Broad knowledge and understanding of the health service, public health and the social welfare in Japan
2. Competence to practice as a dentist in the laws and ethic standards

Research activities
1. Factors relating to perceived oversupply of dentists: a questionnaire survey of dental graduates in Japan
2. Gender differences in dentists' working practices and job satisfaction
3. Patient satisfaction analysis on service quality of dental health care