Professor, Department head
Section of Periodontology
Department of Odontology
Division of Clinical Dentistry

He received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Hokkaido University School of Dentistry in 1984. He had remained at the University as a doctor until 1986, at which time he joined the post graduate course at Oregon Health Science University. On completion of the course he was registered as a US certified periodontist. After returning from the US, he had been working for Hokkaido University until when he started his career at Fukuoka Dental College in 2003.
He mainly gives lectures on Periodontology, conducts periodontal practice and clinical training. His research work is on regeneration of periodontal tissue, influence of occlusal traumatism to periodontal tissue, bruxism in the night, genomic analysis of dental plaque and search for pathogenic periodontal bacteria.
His clinical work involves regeneration of periodontal tissue, esthetical recovery of periodontium, implants for patients with periodontal disease, dental prosthesis for advanced periodontal disease patients and supervision for long-term maintenance.

1.Influence of occlusal traumatism to periodontal tissue
2.Bruxism in the night
3.Regeneration of periodontal tissue
4.Genomic analysis of subgingival plaque bacteria
5.Molecular pathogenesity of periodontal bacteria

Research work by SAKAGAMI Ryuji