Section of Periodontology

In the section of periodontology, we provide students with biology based problem solving training. Students are given basic knowledge through comprehensive lectures and laboratory courses.   Importance of oral hygiene and basic skills such as scaling and root planning are emphasized.  Introduction to more advanced clinical skills such as regenerative periodontal surgeries and dental implants procedures are also provided through postgraduate practical clinical training.

Current research projects:
In the section of periodontology, following researches are done: 1. Genomic diversity of periodontally pathogenic bacteria, 2. Interaction between the host and bacteria in rodent experimental periodontitis, 3. Ionic dynamics of osteoclastic cells, 4. MAPO1 and its function during apotosis induction, 5. Molecular approach for the epithelial epigenetic change, 6. Regeneration utilizing the DNA membrane, 7. Dental regeneration with rodent dental follicle, 8. Bruxism and other parafunctions, 9. Mechanism of epithelial keratinogenesis, 9. Periodontal regeneration with cytokines, 10. Treatment of dental implant