Section of Pathology

The Section of Pathology makes education on the whole oral diseases in the context of the general background, in charge of lectures for second, third and sixth grades and of practices for third grade of udergraduate students. This division also participates in clinical lectures, since one of important routine works is histopathological diagnoses of specimens biposied or resected in the clinics.

Research activity
1. Experimental study on the destruction and repair of periodontal tissues in association with dental diseases.
2. The formation and calcification of the dental hard tissue at the developmental and/or pathological states.
3. The elucidation of the mechanism on the graft-versus-host diesease and its application for the treatment of cancers.
4. The distribution and functional structure of nerves in the oral tissues.
5. The basic and clinico-pathological study on the invasion, proliferation and metastasis of malignancies.
6. The analysis on various factors relating to the development of cleft plate.