Section of Oral Implantology

The department of oral implantology was established as the first independent clinical department of Japanese university in Nov. 1998. Present clinical content is not only general implant treatment but also the implant treatment about the Maxillofacial Prosthetics that is the case of reconstruction of malignant tumor, the establishment of the implant for the anchor for the orthodontics, and the applied treatment by implant for the bone augmentation procedure by GBR, Distruction Osteogenesis, Sinus floor elevation. We regard the education for students. We educate the prosthodontics practically to adopt the simulation practice of implant installation with a model. We attach great important to the international relationship, so have a scientific relation with Implant Center in Faculty of Stomatology, university of Beijing.

Research Project
It is not too much to say that bone quality is decided by type I collagen that account for the greater part of organic substance of the bone. So we examine the existence of the disparity of bone quality molecular biologically. And we research the influence that bone mineral content give to peri-implant bone metabolism and research peri-implant collagen fiber by an electron microscope. And we place the implant in beagles, so investigate the cure of peri-implantitis, and research the evaluation of the bone tissue for the immediate loading implant. Many general practices are on the college register as trainees, and they research jointly, so they get excellent result at symposiums.