Professor, Department head
Section of Internal Medicine
Department of Medicine
Division of Oral & Medical Management

 He graduated from the School of Medicine, Kyushu University in 1984 (MD) and received his Ph.D. from Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kyushu University. From 1994 to 1996 he continued research as a postdoctoral fellow at The University of Iowa, USA. After returning to Japan, he started his career as an assistant professor at the Second Department of Internal Medicine, Kyushu University. In 2004 he was promoted to a lecturer of the School of Medicine. In April 2009 he moved to Fukuoka Dental College as the professor of Section of Internal Medicine, Department of Medicine.

 He has been dedicated to provide gentle treatment for patients with the motto of ‘physician who can examine the whole body generally’, which he learned at Second Department of Internal Medicine, Kyushu University.

 With regards to research activities, he studied the pathophysiology of brain ischemia under the guidance of Associate Professor Seizo Sadoshima at the Laboratory of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism, Second Department of Internal Medicine, Kyushu University. Based on the research result there, he studied abroad at The University of Iowa. He launched the study of the gene therapy for vascular disease with Professor Donald D. Heistad, which became pioneering research on the gene transfer to brain blood vessel.

 After returning to Japan, he started working on gene therapy for brain infarction with Associate Professor Setsuro Ibayashi and has published papers on the effects of gene transfer of midkine and on the neurovascular protection by inhibiting vascular permeability factor which are possibly applied in clinical settings. His recent research works also involve treatment for brain infarction via anti-inflammatory strategy such as MCP-1 blockade and IL-10 gene therapy.

 With regard to clinical activities, he studied about lifestyle-related diseases especially hypertension and stroke under Professor Masatoshi Fujishima and has been putting the knowledge to actual clinical treatments. His specialty is cerebrovascular disease.

1.Immune response in brain infarction
2.Gene therapy for stroke
3.Exacerbation of brain infarction and dysruption of blood-brain barrier
4.Reactive oxygen species and dysregulationof cerebral circulation

Research work by OOBOSHI Hiroaki