NAGASHIMA Tetsuya, Ph.D in Literature

Section of Medical Ethics
Department of Medical Humanities
Division of Public Health & Human Sciences

 I have graduated from the Faculty of Letters of Kyushu University in 1991. After that I studied about medieval philosophy under Professor Ryosuke Inagaki at the Graduate School of Humanities, School of Letters of Kyushu University, and about philosophy of language and medical ethics under Dr. Tetsuro Shimizu at Tohoku University Graduate School of Arts and Letters. Submitting a degree application papers to Professor Hidemi Mizuta of Hiroshima University Graduate School of Letters, and have a PhD in March 2009.

 I worked as an assistant at the Faculty of Letters of Kyushu University from 1998 to 2001. After working as a part-time lecturer at many universities, e.g. Kyushu University, Nagasaki University, Fukuoka University, and Nishikyushu University, I took a job as an associate professor in Fukuoka Dental College in September 2007, and being promoted to professor in April 2011.

1.The philosophy of language in the western Middle Ages
2.Medical ethics from the point of view of dignity
3.The history of thought Study on "The Invention of Love"

Research work by NAGASHIMA Tetsuya