MIBU Masahiro, Ph.D in Literature

Professor, Department head
Section of Language and Information Sciences
Department of Medical Humanities
Division of Public Health & Human Sciences

 I completed the doctor's course at Seinan Gakuin University in 1989, and after working at Fukui National College of Technology as an English instructor, I've been here in Fukuoka Dental College as a professor since 2005.

 For the education for the students here, I'm aiming to enrich their English vocabulary and to make their grammatical competence better for expressing themselves in English as well as to improve their ability of reading scientific English. As I majored in English literature at the graduate school, I'm now so interested in scientific and medical English because I can learn a lot of things about human life, welfare, environmental issues and so on.

 I'm reading medieval English literature. At the moment, I'm researching dream visions in 14th and 15th centuries, which were translated into medieval English from Latin texts in 12nd and 13rd centuries. I have no chance to introduce these medieval stories to the students here, but I'm sure that they will get interested in artistic and colorful manuscripts in those days.

 I also have the following teaching certificates: First Class Certificate for Junior High School (English), Second Class Certificate for Senior High School (English), and First Class Certificate for Senior High School (English).

1.Research in Paradise, Purgatory, Nether World in Medieval English Literature
2.Comparative Research Between Dream-Vision Literature and the Bible
3.Research in Iconographies in Medieval Manuscripts Concerning the Other World
4.Research in Effective Method to Learn Medical English
5.Method for Effective Literature Survey Leading to EBM

Research work by MIBU Masahiro