KOJIMA Hiroshi, DDS Ph.D

Section of Dentistry for the Disabled
Department of Oral Growth and Development
Division of Clinical Dentistry

Dr. Hiroshi Kojima received his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from Hokkaido University in 1982, and was awarded Ph.D. in 1986. He worked at the university as an assistant and lecturer until he came to Fukuoka Dental College in 2005.
He started his career as a researcher when he was in graduate school where he had chance to join the medical department for basic research on immune response. There he learnt what science is all about which became an axis of his research mind. Also, having many co-workers in medicine helped his progress.
He has worked on several research themes, one of which won the outstanding publication award of pediatric dentistry journal in 2006. At clinics, he focuses on treatment for people with autism.
According to the survey conducted among parents of autistic children/people, it is obvious that they want to go to dental clinics close to their house. Thus, educating dentists in dentistry for the disabled who work in community is one of his goals and he believes that would result in normalization.

1.Behavior management of the patients with special needs in dentistry
2.Disorder of the eruption of teeth in children with cerebral palsy

Research work by KOJIMA Hiroshi