KIDO Hirofumi, DDS Ph.D

Professor, Department head
Section of Oral Implantology
Department of Oral Rehabilitation
Division of Clinical Dentistry

Dr. Hirofumi Kido received his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from Fukuoka Dental College in 1984 and worked as an assistant professor at Kyushu Dental University from 1984 till 1999. He has experience of working at Loma Linda University between 1995 and 1996. He came to Fukuoka Dental College in 1999 as a lecturer, got promoted to an associated professor in 2001 and to a professor in 2012.
He aims to provide safe and quality implants as implantology and its techniques are advancing rapidly. His clinic takes in new materials and techniques diligently. He puts a lot of efforts into teaching in order for the students to gain correct knowledge of implants through their academic programs.
His research works involve implant surface and structure interface for the improvement of implant operations. He also works on development of materials for implants as well as bone prosthetic materials.

1.Ultrastructure of the interface between titanium and surrounding tissue in rat tibiae--a comparison study on titanium-coated and -uncoated plastic implants
2.Chronological changes in the ultrastructure of titanium-bone interfaces: analysis by light microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and micro-computed tomography.
3.Peri-implant Bone Density in Senile Osteoporosis - Changes from Implant Placement to Osseointegration –
4.Students' opinion of a predoctoral implant training program.
5.Formation and properties of transparent titanium thin films by DC magnetron sputtering for observing interactions between titanium and cells
6.An inverted observation technique for interactions between titanium oxide and cells on commercially pure titanium

Research work by KIDO Hirofumi