Associate Professor
Section of Operative Dentistry and Endodontology
Department of Odontology
Division of Clinical Dentistry

Dr. Toshio Izumi received his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from Kyushu University in 1987. He started his career at Fukuoka Dental College in 1992 as an assistant professor. He then was promoted to a lecturer, and has been working as an associated professor since 2007.
He gives lectures on endodontology and cariology, and takes charge of clinical trainings. He has been working on analysis of roles that immune cells play during healing process within dental pulp after forming cavity, aging process and changes in extracellular matrix of dental pulp. His recent research interests are in use of bioactive glass for endodontic treatment. He provides general dental treatment with esthetical approach.

Research work by IZUMI Toshio