Section of Image Diagnostics

The teaching mission of our section is to educate dental students about the physics of radiology, biologic hazards attendant to the use of ionizing radiation, radiation oncology, radiographic examinations such as intra/extra-oral radiography, panoramic radiography, contrast radiography, CT, MRI and sonography, and interpretation of these images. Also, We provide with education about clinical diagnosis and clinical management for diseases in maxillofacial bones and soft tissue such as salivary glands, neck and oral mucosa in collaboration with oral pathologists and oral surgeons. Our section (radiology department in our hospital) is equipped for computed radiographic system for conventional radiography, CT, MRI, sonography and digital fluoroscope system. We save all images except for intra-oral radiographs into an image server and send these images to other departments in our hospital through local network. Also, we are active in consulting on radiographic diagnosis from medical or dental offices in the community. The research programs in our section range from development of e-learning system to clinical research concerning about diagnosis of oral and maxillofacial diseases.

Research Activity

  1. Interactive self-learning system using web-animation
  2. Dental practice supporting system for a private dental office in the community using internet
  3. Quantitation of characteristic of lesions on sonogram by echo-intensity histgram analysis
  4. Quantitation of pain of masticator muscles using magnetization transfer contrast Imaging of MRI
  5. Diagnostic criteria for cervical lymph node metastasis from oral cancer on CT, MRI and power Doppler sonography
  6. Relationship between jaw deformity and scoliosis
  7. Management of light decay of image data in digital radiography