Professor, Department head
Section of General Dentistry
Department of General Dentistry
Division of Clinical Dentistry

Dr. Takao Hirofuji received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Kyushu University in 1981, finished his Ph.D. also at Kyushu University in 1986. After his Ph.D., he had been working at Kyushu University Hospital for 20 years, during which period he joined trainings at other institutions such as Tokyo Medical and Dental University and University of California, Los Angeles.
In 2003 he came to Fukuoka Dental College Division of Clinical Dentistry, taking charge of General Dentistry, Geriatric Dentistry, Visiting Dentistry and Halitosis Clinic Center.

1.Study of polymorphism of oral micro flora as pathogenicity
2.Clinical epidemiology and microbiology for oral malodor
3.Study for preventive effect of probiotics on oral malodor
4.Study for the relationship between periodontitis and systemic diseases
5.Study of risk factors for periodontal disease

Research work by HIROFUJI Takao