Section of Functional Structure

The Section of Functional Structure has started with the coupling of the First and Second Department of Oral Anatomy since 2001. This division is in charge of the education of anatomy, which deals with various macroscopic structures of human beings, skeleton, muscle, nerve, vasculature, internal organs, and furthermore histologic (both microscopic and ultrastructural) features of cellular and tissue components, that is, from subcellular components including organella to different cell types of various functions.

Research activity
The Section of Functional Structure
1. Functional morphological study on masticulatory systems
2. The study on the ultrastructure and development of the salivary gland, tongue and hard tissues.
3. Histo-cytochemical study on the salivary gland.
4. Cell biological study on intercellular interactions regulating the differentiation and proliferation of the bone marrow stem cell.