CHO Tamaki DDS Ph.D

Section of Infection Biology
Department of Functional Bioscience
Division of Biomedical Sciences

 She completed postgraduate course at Kyushu University in 1979. In 1979 she was appointed as an assistant professor at the Department of Oral Microbiology, Fukuoka Dental College, and later got promoted to a lecturer and to an associated professor. In 1994-1995, she studied the molecular biology of medical fungi at Marischal College (Gow lab), University of Aberdeen, Scotland.
 Her contribution to education includes being in charge of lectures and practical training in bacteriology. She teaches Cytochemistry to the 1st year, Bacteriology to the 2nd year, Oral Microbiology, Microbiology Practice, Cardiology and Research Practice to the 3rd year, Integrated Basic and Clinical Practice to the 4th year and Basic Practice to the 6th year students.
 Her research is focused on investigating the pathogenicity of Candida spp., which widely exist in the oral cavity and on the skin, using molecular biological approaches. She is currently developing immunological research on the onset of mycosis focusing on risk factors in humans under the direction of Professor TANAKA Yoshihiko.

Research work by CHO Tamaki