Section of Biochemistry

We are mainly in charge of lectures and experimental courses in “Chemistry” and “Biochemistry” for undergraduate students. These courses are dealing with molecules invisible to the naked eye and hence not easy for student to grasp. Thus, in the class, we are trying to visualize the images of dynamic molecules and reactions in the cells through various visual aids. Our emphasis is also to provide information connecting these molecules and reactions with clinical dentistry and medicine. The courses we are mainly involved are as follows.
For 1st grade,
1. Basic Chemistry Lecture
2. Chemistry Lecture
3. Cellular Chemistry Lecture
4. Basic Experimental Techniques
For 2nd grade,
1. Biochemistry Lecture
2. Biochemistry Experiments
For 3rd grade,
1. Oral Biochemistry Lecture
2. Basic Research Exposure

Our research goal is to understand the molecular mechanisms of cellular processes that protect genome integrity. Genetic materials in the cells, that is, DNA, RNA and nucleotides, are constantly assaulted by various stresses arising both endogenously and in environments. To protect the genomic information from these assaults, organisms have been acquired many genome maintenance systems. We are investigating these genome maintenance systems of organisms from bacteria, fungi and mammals collaborating with Advanced Science Research Center. In the longer term, our goal of the studies is to exploit the obtained knowledge to understand disorders caused by genome instability like cancers and aging. We are currently focusing on the following subjects:
1. Cleansing systems of oxidative nucleotides
2. Quality control of RNA molecules
3. Molecular mechanisms of chromosome rearrangements and aberrations
4. Roles of Werner Syndrome helilcase against oxidative stress