Section of Anesthesiology

Principle task of us are to provide relief from pain or anxiety in the adult, pediatric handicapped, and special needs patient(ambulatory or inhospital), and to provide safety perioperative care for them. We also educated dental students or postgraduate residents to learn the knowledge and technique of anesthesia (including general anesthesia and local anesthesia), systemic management for medically compromized patients, and orofacial pain management necessary in daily dental treatment.

Our main fields are as follows

  1. Perioperative anesthetic care including general anesthesia for the patients with maxillofacial surgery and general surgery, and for the handicapped patients and pediatrics in dental treatment
  2. Psychosedation and monitored anesthesia care for the patients with dental phobia or systemic diseases
  3. Diagnosis and treatment of orofacial pain, trigeminal or facial nerve palsy
  4. Emergency care including cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Research Activity

  1. Regulation of biological reactions under surgical stress
  2. Quantification of the curative effect using Neurometer and fMRI.
  3. Safety and efficacy of short preoperation fasting
  4. Effects of combined use of propofol and sevoflurane on the emergence time and postoperative complication
  5. The role of substance P in analgesia and immobilization, element of general anesthesia